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A team of educators, technology builders, and recent grads dedicated to producing more 21st-century-ready graduates

Why Does SOC Exist?

Students are entering an increasingly competitive career market where experiential learning is required for success. A key predictor of success after graduation—in terms of career-readiness, career placement, improvements in critical thinking, and general post-grad life satisfaction—is participation in experiential learning and High-Impact Practices.

Less than 15% participate each year.

There is a proliferation of opportunities for students to gain real-world, experiential, and high-impact learning experiences. New co-op, internship, research, journal publication, , & other opportunities for students have been popping up all around the country since the late 2000s, along with new experiential learning initiatives and graduation requirements. However, the majority of students are unaware of these opportunities, and institutions lack the ability to scale operations to gauge participation and quality and to verify learning outcomes.

Getting to 100%

Every student should participate in quality experiential learning experiences. We believe the pieces of the puzzle exist around campus and in society at large to make that a reality. Our mission is to have every student participate in these quality, often life-changing, experiential learning opportunities and experiences throughout college, so they are better prepared post-graduation for a rapidly evolving 21st-century life and workforce. We work every day to accomplish this mission, one campus at a time. No matter where you are, we can work with you to get you there.

Our Story

The Student Opportunity Center began when a group of students at Florida State University noticed that many of their classmates wanted to do more to better themselves during their time in college but simply didn’t know where to start. SOC initially started as a student project at FSU before expanding into Florida, the Southeast, and now nationwide, where it is the country’s leading provider of technologies and services for experiential learning and high-impact practice management.

Our Investors

Leadership Team

Chris Freire

Chris Freire


Claire E. Jacobson

Dr. Claire Jacobson

Vice President, Campus Strategy

Paurav Surendra

Paurav Surendra

Director, Engineering

George Kuh

Dr. George Kuh

Advisor, High-Impact Practices

John Cavanaugh

Dr. John Cavanaugh

Advisor, Campus Success

David Yaskin

David Yaskin

Advisor, Student Success